Who are the most influential designers of the 21st Century?

In the world of fashion, there are stars and idols. The idols have not only built success in the fashion industry, but also created a long lasting impression in our minds. There are three influential designers whose work and philosophies reverberate in our minds. Some of these influential designers came from very humble beginnings. Nevertheless, their creations are still creating waves long after they passed on.

Coco Chanel

The great Gabrielle Coco Channel spearheads a fashion legacy. His legacy has spanned across the 20th century all the way to the 21st century. Chanel was a former singer of the WWI nurse. She defied all odds of poverty and rose up the ranks to become an icon in the fashion world. She transformed the debuted jersey, previously used for men’s undergarments, to a material for women’s apparel. She also became renowned for her “Chanel No. 5” fragrance signature, her tweed suits, and the quilt stitched leather handbags.

Giorgio Armani

Sir. Giorgio Armani left medical school to venture into the world of style and fashion. In 1975, after his 41st birthday, he became a co-founder of Giorgio Armani S.p.A together with Sergio Galeotti. Today, he is the president, the sole shareholder and the CEO of the privately owned company. The company trades everything from fashion, home décor, to real estates. Giorgio is acclaimed in the world of fashion with distinctive honours. Influential Designers

Yves Saint Laurent

Laurent came from Paris. He led a revolution in men’s and women’s style during the late 19th century. His creations still prevail up to date. Laurent titivated traditional designs into unorthodox creations, the youth and street style in them. With the famous “Le Smoking” trouser suit he created for women, he redefined femininity and masculinity. He infused his designs with global inspiration which was fresh, modern, and ground breaking.

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